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The Teacher Tip

Creating Space for Bookrooms

March 9, 2018

Adapted from It’s All About the Books by Tammy Mulligan & Clare Landrigan. 

Reenvisioning how you organize books using bookrooms gives more bang for your books in terms of both time and money. Elementary readers are continually growing and changing; change is the essence of this developmental stage. Books need to be organized so we can refresh and rotate the books in our class- room libraries to meet the evolving needs and interests of our students. This provides students and teachers with more choice. The needs and interests of each classroom vary from year to year, and having baskets of books stored in a central location helps teachers find texts to engage each new class of individuals from year to year. 

The bookroom is an annex of sorts for each classroom library. Ideally, bookrooms supply the depth, breadth, and volume of books to supplement what each teacher needs and what every student wants. They provide enough books at each level for students to read independently, multiple copies of texts to support small-group and partner instruction, mentor texts for whole- class lessons, whole-class texts for interactive read-alouds, and those “hot off the press” titles. All of this is organized in grab-and-go baskets for a teacher to simply (and quickly) take and incorporate into her classroom library. Classroom libraries need to stay fresh and attract readers with a flow of new books, and bookrooms allow us to make this happen. 

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