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Don Graves Monday: A Love of Learning

May 15, 2017

From Teaching Day byDay by Donald H. Graves

Roger Mudd was interviewing the eminent historian David McCullough on the History Channel one evening.


“As a history teacher, what did you hope for your students?” asked Mudd.


“I hoped that every student would fall in love with history.”


“How did you do that?”


“If my students are to fall in love with history, they have to discover it. Say I’m teaching about turn-of-the-century American history. I pass out artifacts about that period, like something from Ellis Island, a Scott Joplin score, a painting, a letter or document.My students are to take that artifact and use it as a lens to understand the history of the period.When they come to class they share their findings. Each of them feels as though they are learning something unique. The more they follow their trail, the better the discovery gets.”


There is no energizer like getting lost in a subject.

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