The Teacher Tip

Find the Science in Everyday Tasks

April 19, 2017

Adapted from Sharing Books, Talking Science by Valerie Bang-Jensen and Mark Lubkowitz.

When viewed through a scientific lens, even the most mundane task or minute detail can be contemplated in relation to its scientific significance. For instance, what is it about a disheveled room that bothers us? Does it push your buttons when you walk into a messy room? You have probably said, I cant find anything in here Being Natural pattern seekers, when the pattern is disrupted as it is in a messy room, it takes more mental thought to navigate the space, and it really is harder to find things because pattern is how we locate objects. We expect to find the blocks in the block corner and not under Hawas desk because thats the pattern. When we tell our children, Its time to pick-up, were really saying, Time to reset the pattern.

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