The Teacher Tip

Discover the Nature of Process Curriculum

April 18, 2017

Adapted from What You Know By Heart by Katie Wood Ray.

As teachers, we know that every encounter we have with writing is essentially an act of curriculum development. Our experiences with writing are essentially experiences with the process of writing, the process that leads us on a journey that begins with having an idea and ends with that idea going out to an audience in some finished, written form. As teachers of writing, we ask our students to go on this journey of process again and again and we support them with teaching as they travel.

The curriculum we offer students in this teaching comes from everything we know about how someone goes on the journey of process.

Try this. Search for the answers to two questions:

  • What kinds of things do writers think about, and why do they think about these things? (understandings)
  • What kinds of things do writers do, and how and why do they do them? (strategies)

Ray, Katie Wood. 2002. What You Know By Heart: How to Develop Curriculum for Your Writing Workshop.

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