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Trial Course: Teaching Reading in Small Groups

Trial Course: Teaching Reading in Small Groups

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Assess Confidently, Teach Powerfully

It is possible to assess, plan, and teach small groups of readers to meet increasing demands and challenges, while still holding tight to the joy and love of literature. To think beyond guided reading, Jen Serravallo helps teachers learn to analyze student data in order to form small groups and discover a new repertoire for helping readers find increased skill and independence.

Course Objectives

  • Become well-versed in assessment lenses and tools
  • Target what instruction each student needs and form groups accordingly
  • Understand small-group structures to support engagement, fluency, comprehension, print work, and conversation skills
  • Practice a scheduling technique to ensure ongoing assessment

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The trial includes a fully-functioning version of Session one of the six-Session course. Session one of the course is titled Assess with Confidence: Uncovering Teaching Possibilities. A session requires approximately one hour to complete, with additional opportunities to read and reflect offline as well as to practice with students.

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